Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Little Update On My Life

Hello everyone! I haven't been on here in a LONG time, my Great Grandpa West died and so we had a funeral and spent time with family and I got to see people I haven't seen in a very long time! I got to see my uncle Jonathan for the first time that I remember, it was VERY nice to see him! I also got to see my Great-Great Uncle Marvin for the first time too! It was such a blessing to see him. Then we all got sick with the flu and a cold, I got a pretty bad one, but it is getting better, I was in bed for three to four days! Yeah it was pretty bad. But we are gonna do some I guess you could say fun stuff... me, my Mom, my Dad, and Chancy are probably going to go to my Grandpa's ranch to help my him move his stuff out, (he sold it) I might just sob when I leave because I'll NEVER get to see it again! I just wish he didn't have to sell it, but I guess it's life... I'll have to do a blog post about our trip when we get home. Oh and my Mom and Dad are leaving to New Hampshire in around a week, then they come home and are home for six days and then all of my sisters fly out to New Hampshire for three weeks and three days! We have a BUSY month! I'm not sure what we are gonna do while they are gone, sit on the floor and cry? *giggles* I haven't really took any pictures so I'll have to show you some later! Today we had nice weather and sunshine, I spent a lot of the day out in the goat pen with our chickens and goats, I pushed little trees over so the goats could eat the leaves and I cut off the bark because they like to eat it, so yeah I had a pretty good day. I hope someday I can go out to New Hampshire and see my all my dads family my aunt Mary had twins awhile ago and I want to see them before they got to big! Well I guess that's all for now, ta, ta for now!

Did you have a good day today?