Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our Little Farm

Hello everyone I'm alive! I haven't posted in forever!! My Mom and Dad are in N.H, but they get back late tomorrow and then my sisters leave in six days to go to N.H! Isn't that crazy?! But back to my post, I'm gonna post some pictures of our farm animals!  I hope you enjoy them there isn't to many but who cares right? I'll start with our dog Echo! She is SO cute! I love her very much!

How can you not love a dog that looks like that?

I think this one is cute the way her eyes are closed

*dies she's so cute*

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

They are so cute too, ok ALL our farm animals are cute! ;P 

Feeding them hay

Isn't Alvin cute?

My pregnant kitty Duchess!

One of our chickens (we have nine)

And our chicks! (we have twelve)

Well I guess that's all for today folks!
Hope you enjoyed this little post of our farm animals, until next time! <333  


  1. AWW sweet photos!! I love love love that last one. :D
    They are all so cute!!


    1. I know I thought people might like that last one! :D

  2. You got some very nice pictures of Echo!
    Enjoyed this post! Good job *high five*