Thursday, June 29, 2017

Photo Dump

Hello everyone! I was just looking at my pictures I have taken over the last few days and thought I'd do a photo dump! I didn't edit them so if they don't look nice blame my camera. ;P *laughs*
So I hope you enjoy!

 One morning my aunt texted and asked if
we wanted to go to a park for a picnic, so off we went!   

The falls were so pretty!

Joshua wanted me to take him out! ;P


Next is the kittens! They got so playful and full of energy!

 Look at his BLUE eyes!

Sorry it's a little blurry, but she wouldn't hold still!

That's all for now!

Did you enjoy?
Do you have a favorite kitten? 


  1. Awe, loved this post!
    That picture of Joshua is adorable and those kittens?! I wanna squish them!

    1. Joshua is the cutest!
      I know they are to die for! ;P

  2. Very lovely post! I enjoyed all the pictures!! <3