Monday, July 10, 2017


Hello! We went hiking on Saturday, it was so beautiful! The wild flowers were EVERYWHERE!!
I just love all the pretty flowers up in the mountains! Felicity wanted to go while Josiah was here so that's why we went, oh it was so much fun! It was just BEAUIFUL! I took some pictures so I am going to show you them. I didn't edit any of them so if they aren't the prettiest blame my camera!

 Mt. Hood

Mt. St. Helens  

LaKaysha put flowers on Karl's cross 

Felicity and Josiah  

Flowers everywhere!  

Chancy and Dustin  

Eating lunch! 

Isn't this pretty? 

We are at the top!  

Getting their picture taken at the top! 

Well that was are hike! Hope you enjoyed this! 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Photo Dump

Hello everyone! I was just looking at my pictures I have taken over the last few days and thought I'd do a photo dump! I didn't edit them so if they don't look nice blame my camera. ;P *laughs*
So I hope you enjoy!

 One morning my aunt texted and asked if
we wanted to go to a park for a picnic, so off we went!   

The falls were so pretty!

Joshua wanted me to take him out! ;P


Next is the kittens! They got so playful and full of energy!

 Look at his BLUE eyes!

Sorry it's a little blurry, but she wouldn't hold still!

That's all for now!

Did you enjoy?
Do you have a favorite kitten?