Thursday, July 19, 2018

Night Stand Re-Finish

Hey all! I just re-did my night stand because my Dad is making me a bed! *spins around* *screams* Now I won't be sleeping on a mattress on the floor!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!
So anyways I'm showing you the before and after pictures. Enjoy! 

I forgot to take a picture until I had sanded it down a bit. ;P

So there you have it!
What do you think? Have you ever re-done anything before?

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Baby Name Challenge // T A G

Hey everyone, I was tagged by my sister at A Grand Adventure for the Baby name challenge, so here it goes! Enjoy! 
Answer the questions
Tag three friends to do the same

1.What is your favorite boy & girl name from the top 100 of the year?

Boy- Austin is #97 in the top 100 of the year.

Girl- Jessica is #15 in the top 100 of the year. 

2.What are your least favorite boys and girls names from the top 100 of the year?

Boy- Ronnie is #61 in the top 100 of the year. I wouldn't use this name because to me it sounds like Veronica's nick name in the Archie comics. 

Girl- Florence is #30 in the top 100 of the year. 

3. If you had twins what would you name them?

Boy & Boy- Mathew and Mark

Girl & Girl- Louise and Ruby 

Boy & Girl- Flint and Joy

4. If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to?

Well, I really like my name, but I guess if I changed it, I always liked the name Elizabeth.  

5. If you had four children, any gender, all with the same letter, what would their names be? 

Boy- Justin

Boy- Josh

Girl- Jessica

Girl- Julie
6. What is your favorite animal inspired name?

Girl- Robin

Boy- Jay 
7. What is your favorite color inspired name?

Girl- Violet  

Boy- Blue 
8. What are your top three favorite boy names?

1. Justin

2. Tell

3. Flint
9. What are your three top favorite girl names?

1. Jessica 

2. Ruby

3. December
10. What is your favorite month inspired name?

Girl- December 

11. Choose a name from a movie

Boy- Adam
Bonanza: Adam Cartwright  

Girl- Annie 
12. Choose a name that is already in your family

Boy- Nolan

Girl- Mary
Aunt *giggles* I guess I like my Aunts and Uncles names! 

13. Choose a name from a book

Boy- Ryan 
Louis L'Amour: "To Tame a Land"

Girl- Andrea 
Circle C Series

So that's that! I hope you enjoyed this. :)

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Photo Dump || June

 Well folks, it's time for another monthly photo dump, so here it goes!

Pasty for supper, *mouth waters for more*

 Went to the eye doctor, I was SO nervous, can you tell?


I made supper by myself, no one helped. *coughs*

 Me and my mom went garage saleing


*giggles* *smiles*

Some drawings of mine....

Roy Rogers <3

Father's Day!

*giggles some more*

Father's Day meal...

Got my glasses!

My new swimsuit! 

I made blueberry buckle, want the recipe?


Went to town with the sisters!

We got pizza for lunch

First Sunday with glasses.

My puppy, from the first day I got her to, like a month ago.

Well, that's it folks! 
Do you want the recipe for blueberry buckle? If you do tell me in your comment and I'll do a baking post!

Monday, June 18, 2018

My Glasses || Photos

Well, I got my glasses, I took some pictures so you can see what they look like, They make everything crisp and clear, it's weird! *laughs* I guess I really did need glasses.
They're purple, with pink, purple, and orange swirly sides.


So, what do you think?