Wednesday, April 8, 2020

ten random songs

*waves to you all* 

How are you all making out? Surviving this 2020-pandemic? I'm about ready to see my friend but... I guess that'll have to wait. *cries for awhile* Me and Damara have only seen each other once in the last four to five months! *gasps* Can you imagine that? Not being able to see your best friend that lives ten minutes down the road for almost half a year? First they were sick for months, then this virus thing happened. I'm about ready to cry. For real.

A N Y W A Y S !

Enough of that. I thought I'd just share with you all ten random songs that I love and have been listening to a lot lately. Enjoy!

|| Everyday Heroes
Dave Carroll

(I chose the music video that someone 
made about the tv shows, "Emergency!" and "Adam-12")

|| Summer of '69
Bryan Adams

|| She Don't Know She's Beautiful
Sammy Kershaw

|| Letters From Home
John Micheal Montgomery 

|| I Loved Her First

|| Two Soldiers Coming Home
Lori McKenna 

|| The Cowboy Rides Away
George Strait 

|| Someone Else's Star
Bryan White

|| Breathe
Jonny Diaz

|| Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up
Maddie Poppe

Well, there you have it. Ten random songs. *laughs* I hope you enjoyed this post! Stay safe and God bless, my friends! 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

5 tips to drawing {my way}

(off Pintertest)
Hello there! 

So, one of my fellow blogger friends mentioned that she would like to see me do a drawing tutorial and give you all some helpful tips in how I draw. I don't have a phone or anything to video with, so you'll have to be content with just tips. Sorry! But, once I get a phone, (or convince someone to let me have their phone for an hour) I will try and get a video for you guys!

But until then, here a five helpful tips that I do to draw. Hope they help you! 

Tip #1:
Buy drawing pencils, and blending sticks. I bought them at Walmart for around, ten dollars for both. Maybe a little more? I can't quite remember.

Tip #2: 
Find a picture of someone\something, you'd like to draw. I find pictures off of Pinterest. People that aren't smiling are the easiest to start with. Believe me, I still don't enjoy drawing teeth. If at all possible, I draw people that aren't smiling, or showing their teeth. xP 

Tip #3:
Print the picture you have chosen and trace lightly over the important places. Shape of head, shape of eyes, nose, and that's about it. (I hold it up to a window, but if you're cool and have a lighted table, that's what you'd use)

Tip #4:
Let your skills and eyes take you into the drawing. Draw what you see. I always have my picture laying next to my drawing and I just draw what I see. I, most of the time, start with the eyes, nose and mouth, then I go from there. If it's darker in some places than others, make sure you use a darker pencil. (8B is my favorite)

Tip #5:
Use blending sticks to blend all you work until it looks smooth. Sometimes I can't get it to look perfectly smooth but that's okay. Don't panic if you can still see your pencil lines. A small tip is, don't press too hard with the pencil; so light smooth strokes. But if you need something really dark, you can press harder, but try to give the same amount of pressure to every part that is dark. That way it's easier to blend together. If you have charcoal pencils that would be great for darker areas. (which I need to get)

And there you have it! I hope to get a video for you all soon. Until next time! God bless! 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Photo Dump || March

Hey there, lovelies!

Whew! This month was a little crazy, was it not? With all the corona virus panic and things, I was kept indoors for a lot of this month.

I got my permit!  I even forget that I got it this month. It felt like forever ago! *laughs* The test went well, and I managed to survive it. It you want to read about it, go here.

Me and Damara are still wanting to get together since she has gotten better... Guys. I seen her once since she got better and that was awhile ago. It feels like an entirety since I seen her last. *cries*

Drove a few times!! The first time was only at our local park, but I managed to back up, turn around, and get up to 10 mph! *laughs* Then, as I began to get more comfortable behind the wheel, my mom took me to a county road that is a dead end so nobody really drives on it. Though, the first time I drove on it, I met three cars, and managed to keep calm. *winks* I'm still just driving on the dead end rode, but I'm beginning to feel more and more comfortable at driving. Though, since we've been staying at home more I haven't driven in awhile.

The world turned upside down from this corona virus. Stores are running low on toilet paper, people are buying all the food they can find, we have to stay at home and only go out when necessary, etc. But it seems to be calming down maybe a little. xP I really don't know. I just stay home and block out all the "bad" news. So I'm still pretty happy. xP

Helped Felicity and Josiah move into a new apartment!! It's adorable! And... it's at my great aunt and uncle's so that's another plus. It's the cutest little apartment I've ever seen. <3

Kate continues to grow. She's getting SO big! She has sat up on her own now, walks a little in a walker, tasted her first solid food the other day, and is such a happy girl!! *cries because she's so beautiful* She is full of sunshine and joy, and has such a big place in her auntie's heart. <3

The weather has been beautiful! We did randomly get some snow, but it didn't last long and the last few days have been rain... But today the weather seems to be fair! I hope the sun comes out, so I can go and soak it up. <3

Did quite a bit of drawing since I'm stuck at home. (which you'll see)

Currently watching\watched:

"Red Dawn" {1984}
"Father Knows Best"
"Hogan's Heroes"
"High School Musical" 
"High School Musical 2"
"High School Musical 3"
"Ice Princess" 

Currently reading\read:

"Once Upon A Summer" by, Janette Oke
"The Winds Of Autumn" by, Janette Oke
"Across The Wide And Lonesome Prairie" by, Kristiana Gregory
The Bible

Now, enjoy my photo dump!!!!

Made supper for everyone...

 Ready to go do my drivers test... I was really nervous. you can tell.

Passed and got a treat!!!

Bought myself two new shirts and a pair of sandals!!

 Sunday outfit...

 Went to "the aunts' " with my siblings after church. We played lots of games 
and ate good food. It was a lot of fun!

Felicity and Josiah's apartment on moving day!!

  I didn't manage to get a picture of the bedroom. Sorry!!

 *kisses her*

 Enjoying the sun...

 *cries because I want to hold her and kiss her*


  One of my favorite meals... mmmmm.

 Drank lots of tea because I got a cold. But I'm better now!! *happy dance*

 Daminika made brownies and man were they good!

 Us girls had a little "tea party"

Then, it's all my drawings from this month!! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this! God bless, my friends!