Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Just A Little Picture Post

Today I was thinking, "I want to do a blog post, oh wait! I can its next week!" And I just wanted to show you some pictures I took, some are from last week when we went on a walk at the park. Sorry to say but you are about to see twenty eight pictures! The first one's are from last week,

Just something I thought looked cool ;P

I really like this one, its just so cool I guess!

Just some moss on a tree,



I also really like this one, don't you?



I went on the swing and then I thought this looked like good picture.

I LOVE this one!

Our beautiful puppy dog Echo! (This one and the rest are from today) 

My kitty Duchess! I really like this one too ;P
(I guess I really like them all)

My kitty again. 

Our goats, Simon is the white one, Alvin is the one you can hardly see,
and Theodore is the tan one!  

I really like how this one turned out!







Our little home sweet home!


I like how you can see my foot in the water.


So I guess that's all folks! Till next time!
I had fun taking the pictures, wouldn't you?
Did you enjoy this? 

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Snow Has Gone

The snow is finally gone! I never thought I'd be happy to see it go, *laughs*  I thought to myself, "We can go places without worrying!"  I mean I LOVED it when the snow was here it's just that we've had for WAY to long! I went and took just a few little pictures when it rained, so here they are,

The rain dripping from the gutter, (Oh what a pretty sound!)

Our chicken staying dry and warm from the rain! ;)
Yeah I only took three pictures, but I couldn't find many things to take pictures of :D I LOVE it now that the snow is gone, people came over! Yeah I think I'm a people person *winks* We had company over yesterday after church and it was AMAZING! We had, Kaysha and Roger, Marissa and Marita, Colten, Emily, Dustin, and Kenyon over! Roger, Dustin, and my brother Chancy played the guitar, and I absolutely  LOVE it when they do! It's just so pretty. When the snow melted my Mom told me to bring some food out for the chickens, and I ended up cleaning the barn! yeah so that's why my name is The Elegant Cowgirl because I love to clean the barn and I LOVE to wear pretty, elegant clothes!
Well I guess that's all for now!

Monday, January 16, 2017

This Is Me

Hello everyone! So I just got a blog and I am SO SO excited! I've wanted one now for awhile.
I'd like tell you a little bit about me. Well , first things first, my name is Liberty and I'm home schooled and I am a christian. I LOVE horses, being in the barn with our animals, cleaning the barn and stuff like that! Today when I asked my mom for a blog I thought she would just say no, not today, she said, "I guess". I was so excited I couldn't see straight, I ran around asking for idea's for a name. I chose this name because it sounded like me best and a friend helped me think of it! *winks* We have animals at our house, I sometimes like to call our house "the farm" But it only has three dwarf goats, chickens, a dog, a cat, and my favorite one, Duchess my kitten! Oh she is the cutest thing ever! My Mom even brings her in the house and sits with her by the stove, but I love her for it! I have the most wonderful family ever! They are amazing! I think I'm pretty lucky, I'm the only one that can say "I have a big brother" One time we were going to a Christmas tree lighting and there was going to be a live nativity with a camel and I was sooo excited! Then we got there late because we read the sign wrong and got there when it was over, I was pretty disappointed but when we got in the car I was just sitting there wishing we hadn't been late and Chancy (my brother) rubbed my cheeks and said, "Don't get cold and kinda gave me a hug and then went back to what he was doing! Well I guess I should go, until next time!