Saturday, May 27, 2017


This morning I was walking out to do chores when I seen my brother up by the "barn" and he said "shh" then he put his hand behind his ear like he was listening and then made a small shape with his fingers, I was thinking what he found a butterfly or what?  So I walked up there quietly and he whispered and said "I hear kittens" I was like "WHAT!? Where!?" We found them in the cat house and I ran as fast as I could and ran into the house and yelled "Duchess had her kittens!" My dad and mom came outside and looked at them and I was SO excited... my hands where even shaking *laughs* We bottle fed Duchess and her six siblings from kittens because there Mom disappeared when they were three weeks old! And they all died except for Duchess so she has been very special to me! But back to the kittens Duchess had, she had six of them and I can't wait until they are old enough to hold, I took four pictures, I hope you enjoy this little post about the kittens and maybe later I can do an update on them and more pictures too!     

Aren't they cute?
Can you count six of them?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our Trip

I haven't been on here in awhile because we were over visiting our family. Last Wednesday My Mom, Dad, brother Chancy, cousin Dustin, and Me headed out for a trip to our family!
It was a four hour drive to sit and enjoy the ride. I had a lovely time there but I did get a little tired out by my little cousins "Come play with me" Is what I heard A LOT!! :D Most of the picturesI am going to put on are of them because I was with them a LOT! Oh and Kaaren , LOVE her to death! She loved me this trip, sometimes she wouldn't let me put her down! While we were there Kaaren had her first birthday! They had her birthday party while we were there so some of the last pictures are of her party. I hope you don't get tired out by all the pictures! I took 82 and only put 38 on here! 

All packed and ready to go! 

The truck's loaded and ready to go too!

We are on the road


We drove past the airport

I didn't take that many pictures until we were almost
 there because I was watching a movie *winks*  

We're there! 

My pal Chase


Konner and Chase in the hammock

I told him to say cheese :D 

Jumping into hay 

They have a small cow... 

And a ram 


Me and Kaaren 

There neighbors have peacocks

There dog Astrid

And now it's time for Kaaren's birthday!

I didn't take any pictures when the food was on the
table because there was to many people around

I helped decorate the cupcakes

They are flowers with butterflies on the top

 And we are on the way home!

Isn't that a cool cloud?
Did you enjoy this?
Were the pictures any good?
Have you had a trip this year?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our Little Farm

Hello everyone I'm alive! I haven't posted in forever!! My Mom and Dad are in N.H, but they get back late tomorrow and then my sisters leave in six days to go to N.H! Isn't that crazy?! But back to my post, I'm gonna post some pictures of our farm animals!  I hope you enjoy them there isn't to many but who cares right? I'll start with our dog Echo! She is SO cute! I love her very much!

How can you not love a dog that looks like that?

I think this one is cute the way her eyes are closed

*dies she's so cute*

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

They are so cute too, ok ALL our farm animals are cute! ;P 

Feeding them hay

Isn't Alvin cute?

My pregnant kitty Duchess!

One of our chickens (we have nine)

And our chicks! (we have twelve)

Well I guess that's all for today folks!
Hope you enjoyed this little post of our farm animals, until next time! <333